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In 1988, a group of intrepid executives set forth to build Sri Lanka’s most successful life insurance company. Today, the fruits of their labour stand proudly before us  as Ceylinco Life-the life insurance leader of Sri Lanka . Blazing ahead in the Sri Lankan life insurance industry with innovation and intelligent strategies, Ceylinco Life provides policyholders with much more than just peace of mind.

This is to bring to your notice that in terms of law all the Long Term Insurance policies of Ceylinco Insurance PLC of No. 69, Janadhipathi Mawatha, Colombo – 01, have been transferred to the Ceylinco Life Insurance Limited of No. 106, Havelock Road, Colombo 05. In the circumstances, Ceylinco Life Insurance Limited is substituted in the room and place of Ceylinco Insurance PLC. Please be assured that Ceylinco Life Insurance Limited will duly and properly comply with the terms and conditions as contained in your Policy/Contract.

Board of Directors
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    Mr. R. Renganathan Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer


    A Chartered Accountant by profession, Mr. R. Renganathan joined Ceylinco Consolidated in 1983. He was entrusted with the task of setting up the Life Division of Ceylinco Insurance after the Government of Sri Lanka permitted private insurers to enter the insurance industry in 1987.

    A firm believer in the importance of Life Insurance, with a vision of protecting every Sri Lankan family with a Ceylinco Life insurance policy, he put together a team of professionals who share this common objective. Ceylinco Insurance PLC has continued to maintain a market leadership position in the Sri Lanka insurance industry, and under Mr. Renganathan leadership Ceylinco Life has won the Asia Insurance Review Award for Corporate Social Responsibility in the Asian Region. Mr. Renganathan is a Executive Board Member of the LIMRA India/Sri Lanka, and was invited to speak at the LOMAL/LIMRA Strategic Issue Conference which was held in Kuala Lumpur.

    Upon achieving success in the field of Life Insurance, he has diversified into the healthcare sector with the idea of providing affordable healthcare facilities to the people of Sri Lanka. With the affiliation of the Washington Cancer Institute, he setup a Cancer Detection Centre and a Diabetes Centre

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    Mr. E. T. L. Ranasinghe Director/Deputy Chief Executive Officer


    Mr. Ranasinghe has over 30 years of experience in the mercantile sector in sales, marketing and strategic planning. He holds a MBA from the Postgraduate Institute of Management (PIM), University of Sri Jayawardenepura. He is also a Chartered Marketer and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK. He joined Ceylinco Limited as a Product Manager in September, 1986 and is one of the pioneer members of the team who setup the Ceylinco Insurance PLC, when the Company commenced operations in 1988.

    He is a Founder Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Sri Lanka Region and has held several positions in the Executive Committee, including that of the Senior Vice Chairman in the past.

    He currently serves as the Deputy Chief Executive Director of Ceylinco Insurance PLC - Life Division and is also a Director of Ceylinco Healthcare Services Limited.

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    Mr. P. D. M. Cooray Director/Head of HR & Training


    Mr. Cooray joined in March, 1985 as the Chief Instructor of the Key Security Services Limited. He has been an employee of Ceylinco Insurance, since it's inception. He started his career in the Sri Lankan Air Force as a Commissioned Officer. His career at Ceylinco Insurance commenced as an Assistant Manager (Training), and in January, 1990 he was promoted as Manager (Human Resources). Thereafter he held the posts of Assistant General Manager (Administration and Human Resources) and Assistant General Manager (Training). In 1998 he was promoted to the post of Deputy General Manager (Training). Mr. Cooray was appointed as a Director to the Board of Ceylinco Insurance in September, 2001.

    Mr. Cooray is a Fellow of the Life Underwriters' Training Council (LUTCF) U.S.A. and a Chartered Insurance Agency Manager (CIAM). He played a very active role in setting up the Sales Force of Ceylinco Life. He is an internationally reputed speaker who has addressed many Life Insurance conventions, and  he was the first South Asian non-member to address the MDRT, which is the most prestigious Life Insurance convention in the world.

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    Mr. P. A. Jayawardena Director/Chief Financial Officer


    Mr. Palitha Jayawardene counts over 25 years of experience in the field of finance. He is a Fellow Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka and of the Institute of the Certified Management Accountants of Sri Lanka. He joined the Life Division of the Company in 1990 as Chief Accountant (Branches) and was invited to the Board in 2005.

    He serves as a Director of Ceylinco Healthcare Services Limited as well.

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    Mr. S. R. Abeynayake Director/Deputy Chief Financial Officer

    Mr. Ranga Abeynayake counts fifteen years of experience in the field of finance. He holds a MBA from the Postgraduate Institute of Management (PIM), University of Sri Jayawardenepura. He is also a Fellow Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka and of the Institute of Certified Management Accountants of Sri Lanka. He joined the Life Division of the Company in March, 1998 as Financial Accountant and subsequently held the post of Deputy General Manager (Finance) – Life Insurance. He was appointed to the Board of Ceylinco Insurance PLC in 2011.

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  1. Mr. R. Renganathan Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer
  2. Mr. E. T. L. Ranasinghe Director/Deputy Chief Executive Officer
  3. Mr. P. D. M. Cooray Director/Head of HR & Training
  4. Mr. P. A. Jayawardena Director/Chief Financial Officer
  5. Mr. S. R. Abeynayake Director/Deputy Chief Financial Officer

Ceylinco Healthcare Services Ltd. is a fully owned subsidiary of Ceylinco Life, which specializes in cancer and diabetes treatment.

Financial Information
Financial Stability

The Life Fund of the Company, which exceeded Rs.85 billion as at 31st December 2017, is the fastest growing Life Fund in the industry.

Investments pertaining to the Life Fund of Ceylinco Life

The investments pertaining to the Life-Fund are made in conformity with the investment guidelines stipulated under the Regulation of the Insurance Industry Act No. 43 of 2000.

14 years as market leader means trust & stability

Ceylinco Life gained its leadership position in the life insurance industry back in 2004 with a premium income of Rs. 3,962 million. We continue to be the market leader for the 14th consecutive year with a recorded premium income of Rs. 15.7 billion and a market share of 22% as at 31.12.2017.

6.8 billion rupees worth of customer benefits provided to policyholders during the year 2016
Life Insurance

Life Insurance

The uncertainty of life is a constant worry especially if your family is dependent on you. Investing with a trusted and stable life insurance provider will give you peace of mind. Life is there to protect you and your beneficiaries. In the unfortunate eventuality of your demise, Life Insurance ensures that life will go on for your loved ones. Based on your needs and goals , you can add on extra benefits and schemes to your Life Insurance policy. Life Insurance also provides bonus rewards to be enjoyed by the entire family.

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For every devoted husband and father, his most important blessing, as well as, responsibility in life would naturally be his family.  If there was a simple way of securing their future, you would not rest until you have found it, right?  Here then is that simple yet profound solution, which guarantees a return at maturity, plus allows you to customize the cover by adding optional protection covers. Ceylinco Life Endowment Policy; a well thought-out insurance policy that makes protecting your most important treasure all the more simple and affordable.


Dreams drive us to reach higher, dig deeper and live our lives to their fullest potential. Whoever we are, we all have dreams that we want to turn into a reality.

At Ceylinco Life we understand this. That is why we have developed this unique assurance package that enables you to pursue your dreams with complete confidence. Should anything unexpected happen, any outstanding loan payments will be settled in full by Ceylinco Suratha.


Add more value to you cover by adding the Family Protection Benefit to your policy. For an economical fee you not only receive the assured survival benefit, but the death benefit can increase up to 6 times; that’s if you act now to add the Ceylinco Life Family Protection Benefit to your policy. You stand to gain up to 6 times the basic sum assured and in some cases more. This is an optional benefit that can be added to your existing or new policy.


An innovative and multifaceted policy, the Ceylinco Life Advancement policy provides both a sound investment and a safety net. The future is uncertain and unpredictable. Dreams can be shattered in a second. That’s why Ceylinco Life Advance Payment Policy goes to work for you, giving your loved ones regular advance payments.  That not only frees families from financial burdens but helps enhance lifestyles, too. Advance payments of a pre-determined percentage of the basic sum assured on a pre-arranged time frame. Most importantly in the case of the demise of the policyholder the advance payments made will not be deducted. Your beneficiaries are entitled to the entire sum assured. Furthermore you can customize the cover with a variety of optional benefits.


A woman's contribution to the well-being of society is immeasurable. She plays many roles in life; a daughter, a loving wife, a caring mother and a busy professional. In honour of women, we at Ceylinco Life give you Saubhagya. It’s designed to be a tower of strength to you, as you transcend from one role to another. Saubhagya is an insurance policy specially designed for women. It is investment oriented life insurance policy that provides periodical lump sum payments every 4 years, fulfilling for your family’s financial needs.


An affordable, time-saving and hassle-free life cover is now at your doorstep! Say hello to Pradeepa. With just one simple payment you are eligible for a life cover that protects you and your family. Welcome to the world of life insurance made easy; no hassle, no wasting precious hours at time consuming medical examinations and filling out lengthy forms.  Just a simple application to be filled and the policy will be at your doorstep.

Ceylinco Life Degree Saver


Introducing an education fund and a comprehensive life insurance plan to ensure your child’s higher studies, Ceylinco Life Degree Saver.

Education Fund

With the Education fund, the policyholder can save periodically, as he or she chooses. The fund would accumulate on a monthly declared accumulation rate. This rate is usually higher than most bank savings rates thus ensuring a substantial fund for the child’s higher education.

Life Protection

With this, the policyholder receives a life insurance cover with an affordable premium where he/she can decide the life cover which suits them best. The attractive premium ensures that the policyholder can go for a higher life cover and thus further ensuring a promising tomorrow for the family and for their child’s higher education if any uncertainty strikes. 




A parent's dream is to ensure their children have every opportunity to obtain a quality education in order to live a successful life. Ceylinco Life Sipsetha is a comprehensive insurance scheme designed to provide financial support for your children's education. A policy unique in that, it provides substantial financial support by way of an annual benefit in the last 8 years of the policy. Sipsetha showers you with opportunities ranging from educational scholarships, overseas family tours, exciting excursions and special bonuses. In the unfortunate event of death of the policyholder annuities will be tripled and paid. You can customise the policy to suit your needs with optional benefits.


Imagine the hopes and dreams that got through a father's mind when he holds his newborn in his arms. If life deals an unexpected twist, and you are unable to be by your child’s side, your plans for your child's future need not be disrupted. Ceylinco Life Randaru is a policy designed to carry your wishes through. Ran Daru Basic Education Fund and Higher Education Fund will ensure that your child immediately receives an immediate fund to continue his/her education with no disruptions. Understanding your commitment to your child’s educational goals Randaru provides a death benefit which is 10 times the basic sum assured, and in the case of an accidental death the basic sum assured will be doubled. Optional benefits are available to meet your individual requirements.


Threat of disability is serious concern and in such an eventuality, the last thing you should worry about are your financials, especially if you find yourself unable to financially support your loved ones. Ceylinco Life Jeewa Yathra is designed to navigate your family out of troubled waters.  It’s a cover that ensures a guaranteed monthly income so you can step into your future with hope and assurance.


Ceylinco Life Family Income Benefit comes with a refreshingly unique benefi will continue to protect and cover your loved ones even after a Life Insurance claim has been paid. We offer a dependent 10 years of extended and additional care in the unfortunate event of the demise of the policy holder. Given Long-term and benefits, you should consider adding this cover to your existing policy for a small additional payment.

Ceylinco Life Supreme

There are so many ways in which you can improve your life; new aspirations, new experiences, and new ways to bring comfort and luxury to your life. Aspire for a supreme life by investing in a Ceylinco Life Supreme policy, the most rewarding Ceylinco Life policy yet, with:

  1. Regular lump sum payments
  2. High return at maturity
  3. Comprehensive Life Cover

Once you obtain a Ceylinco Life Supreme policy with basic cover for a specific period, you will receive lump sum payments every 4 years along with the full policy value at maturity, without deductions of the periodic payments.

Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

A Retirement policy ensures a happy and comfortable life for you and your loved ones when you retire. It is never too early or too late to plan for your retirement. Investing a small monthly premium policy will make it easier for you to retire when the time is right. If your hope is to retire rich, you have the flexibility of investing more on a policy . You can be sure of receiving high returns on you retirement plan when you invest with an insurance company that understands your needs.

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Ceylinco Life Retirement Plan 1

This plan is aimed at young and dynamic people who have big dreams and a vision for their future. You could decide how much you wish to invest and how often you wish to invest on a monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annual basis giving you control over your own investment. Start investing small and receive a large sum upon retirement that will enable you to enjoy your life as you always imagined.

You can join this plan with as little as Rs. 1,000/- a month or more.

Age - 25 Years Term - 30 Years Contribution - Rs. 10,000 per month

Illustrated maturity at age 55

At 11% At 9%
21,518,840 14,694,070

The account balance has been illustrated assuming an accumulation rate of 11% and 9% p.a. respectively. The Account balance illustrated above is not guaranteed and is subject to fluctuation of interest rate prevailing in the market. * Conditions Apply




Life Rewards

Life Rewards

Life Rewards enable our policyholders to make the most of their lives. Cash Bonuses are presented to our most loyal policyholders in addition to annual bonuses. The children of our policyholders are awarded Pranama Scholarships as encouragement to excel in their studies. Family Savari gives policyholders and their families the chance to win local and overseas vacations together.

Family Savari

Family Savari

You deserve the chance to take time off from your busy schedule and spend quality time with your family. The highlight of the annual Family Savari promotion is an all expenses paid trip overseas for the entire family. Lucky policyholders also stand the chance to win fun-filled outings to theme parks in Sri Lanka.

Cash Bonuses

Cash Bonuses

The loyalty of our policyholders mean the world to us. Special cash bonuses are offered to policyholders who have reached the 10th, 15th or 20th anniversary of their policies, in addition to their annual bonuses.

Pranama Scholarships

Pranama Scholarships

We believe in rewarding hard work and dedication. valuable scholarships are presented to the children of policyholders who have achieved high academic results and/or excelled in sports, arts, drama or invention at a national level.



Ceylinco Life is committed to uplifting underprivileged communities across the country through Ceylinco Life Social Responsibility projects. All these CSR projects make a statement for non-discrimination; serving the underprivileged across geographical, political, religious, caste and racial divisions.

Educational Projects

Educational Projects

In Sri Lanka, a vast majority of children are dependent on free education provided by state schools. In spite of this, Ceylinco Life has found that in many remote areas, schools are struggling to survive and they in desperate need help to develop basic facilities. Ceylinco Life's Schools Development Project has assisted many rural schools to received furniture and other essentials.

Health Projects

Health Projects

Insufficient  healthcare  in rural Sri Lanka is is a prime concern of Ceylinco Life. The Company has taken solid steps to rectify this  situation and promote good health in rural areas through the Waidya Hamuwa programme, which provides the country's neediest with access to free medical camps. Waidya Hamuwa medical camps were conducted at more than 75 locations across the country, led by a team of qualified and experienced doctors who were hired by Ceylinco Life. To date Ceylinco Life has provided free diagnosis and treatment for more than 75,000 people in rural areas through this programme.

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