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Ceylinco Life’s ‘Family Savari 10’ announces England as Grand Prize

An all-expenses-paid holiday in England will become a reality for five policyholders of Ceylinco Life and their families in 2017 under the milestone 10th edition of the life insurance leader’s ‘Family Savari’ mega promotion.

Announcing the new destination as the top prize of the promotion at a launch in Colombo for branch heads from every district of Sri Lanka, the company said Family Savari 10 would also offer prizes of holidays in Dubai and Singapore and a day-long visit to Leisure World for policyholder families.

Over the past three years, Ceylinco Life has presented winners of the grand prize at the Family Savari with holidays in Japan (2014), Switzerland (2015) and Germany (2016). In all, more than 17,000 people have won overseas holidays or the Leisure World excursion under this programme to date.

“This promotion is a huge undertaking in financial terms as well as logistical aspects, but we have been able to not only sustain it, but widen its scope each year due to its tremendous resonance with policyholders,” Ceylinco Life Deputy CEO Mr T. Ranasinghe said. “Besides the large numbers of policyholders benefitted, its principal attraction is the fact that it involves entire families, and also promotes interaction between people from all parts of the country.”

The second prize in Ceylinco Life’s Family Savari 10 will be a holiday in Dubai for 10 policyholders and their families. Another 50 policyholder families will be chosen for a holiday in Singapore, and a further 500 families will spend a full day at the Leisure World theme park courtesy of Ceylinco Life.

The promotion period for Family Savari 10 ends in December 2016. All active long term Ceylinco Life policyholders, holders of Ceylinco Life Retirement Accounts (CRAs) who have long term life insurance policies and new policyholders who purchase a policy, pay three months’ premium and keep their policies active are eligible to win these holidays. Depending on the size of their policies or the balances in their CRAs, some policyholders would be eligible to qualify for the draws for all four categories of prizes.

Emphasising the value of loyalty, policyholders will also receive one additional winning chance for every year they have been with Ceylinco Life, up to a maximum of 10 winning chances for those who have been active policyholders for a decade or more. Additionally, policyholders who have paid a minimum of three premiums using direct payment methods (such as bank standing orders) will receive an additional winning chance.

A mid-promotion draw for Family Savari 10 is scheduled for November 2016, and the grand draw will take place in January 2017 to select winners, the company said.

Ceylinco Life’s Family Savari programme is promoted by four popular brand ambassadors, the Sri Lankan actors Sriyantha Mendis, Sanjeewani Weerasinghe and Roshan Ranawana and his wife Kushlani who join policyholders on their overseas holidays and local excursion.

The market leader in Sri Lanka’s life insurance sector since 2004, Ceylinco Life has close to a million lives covered by active policies. The company is acknowledged as the benchmark for innovation in the local insurance industry for its work in product research and development, customer service, professional development and corporate social responsibility.